-Guiding , is achieved by ball circulated heavy duty linear guides

-Mechanical drive, is done by ball screw linear mechanic systems.

-To avoid possible vibration and for a high dynamic system, ball screw is held stationary and stretched from ends and nut is moving along.
-For machines with net sroke of over 5200 mm , rack and pinion (Atlanta D veya Güdel CH ) manufactured of ground hard steel is used for mechanical driving system together with servo gear boxes with an angular backlash of less than 2-5 arc min.
-Precise mechanics , are protected by totally closed bellows against dust and humidity.
-All parts working directly with water are made of stainless steel.

-Moving parts are made of aluminium.

-Grids are not welded on purpose. It's our own design which enables the user to easily renew and replace the old one.
- With its unique design of holding from bottom, the grid plates' and cut part's vibration during cutting is avoided.
- The lay-on grid and the tank edges are at the same height. In this way loading and unloading by hand has been made easier and accidents, such as trapped hands under the heavy material, which may cause injuries have been avoided.
- With our special design stability and load holding strength of the tank has been increased. Material holding capacity is 1500kg/m2.
- For electronic control and driving Siemens CNC units , servo motors and drives are being used.
- Control and CAM software belongs to our company. It is Windows based and specially developed for Waterjet Cutting machines, easy to use. We can provide it for more than one computer per machine.
- Servo motor torques are specially selected more than usual for an operation far less under the limits , which enables much longer life time without and problems.
- Determination of electric / electronic components, design, cabling is done within our company – not by subcontractors- which gives shorter response time and effective service in case of any technical problems.
- High pressure pump and the cutting head used with our machines are supplied by KMT.